The best way
to engage your users

Take the guess work out of product development and engage with your Customers

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See who and how your users are interacting with your product.

Knowing your customer behavior will help you engage your customer. Quickly find out who you want to engage.


See what features your customer are using.

Measure the adoption of the new features you launched today. Find out which customers are using the features and which aren't. Take action through customer loyalty or sales groups to find out why.


Continuously measure user satisfaction and get quality feedback.

Ask a simple question to know how satisfy you customer really are and why they are like/unlike your product.

Up Get Up and Running in Minutes

We have designed a simple setup process to help you make your widget up and running in minutes.

Responsive Responsive Design

We adapt responsive design so you can access report anywhere with any device.

Analytics Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics helps you measure and understand your customer satisfaction.

Users User Targeting

We make it simple to ask feedback for a target group of users.

Feedback Widget Customization

Simple user interface to help you modify the look and feel of widgets.

Simplicity Simplicity

We make collecting feedback, analytics and creating widget as simple as possible.